Photos of advanced sail car workshop, Marpole Ctr

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

High Technology Future Energy workshop at Marpole Oakridge Community Centre

Silbury School & Resource Centre ( organized a series of hands on educational workshops held at Marpole-Oarkridge Community Centre on Sustainable Energy. Elementary level school kids and home learners assembled advanced, radio-controlled sailcars were one of the future sustainable vehicles. Only revived (non-recharbeable) alkaline batteries were used by these students. These better-than-recycled batteries. worked just like magic. Thanks also to Ian Su, and the helpful staff at Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre for this edu-fun activity. The Solar Power Roadshow brought the sailcar workshop materials on an gasoline-free electric bike. despite the 8*C weather.

A wind-generator was used to show how sail battens, sail luffing, and tacking against the wind is done. The students took home printed material on sail cars, and sailing in general, for further reading.

Sustainable energy, sustainable transportation, sustainability in education is the subtle message from the Solar Power Roadshow's fun activities for schools, community centres, festivals, and even birthday parties and church fundraisers, in greater Vancouver and other BC municipalities, including Vancouver Island. Its non-formal and free form workshops allow kids from 6 to 76 to play with renewable energy devices and models, for a sustainable future world and post-carbon environment. Climate change is a growing problem that compels every community to learn more, and educate its members, about sustainability.


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